Saturday, February 20, 2010

The One Block Wonder is Finished!

Still warm from the dryer, signed, sealed and about to be delivered this afternoon, this quilt represents a whole heck of a lot of work!  It will go to my daughter who has already admired it and assured me that it will be treasured forever.  I give most of my quilts to my family so I don't have to store them but can visit them any time I want.  Clever, no?


  1. Your OBW is beautiful, your daughter will treasure it

  2. Wow, Judy that is just beautiful. I haven't even got my blocks cut out yet. I was away when the instruction started. I think I knew which piece of fabric I'm using. Hope I have enough.
    Thanks for sharing the pics.
    :)Carol near Calgary

  3. it is very beautiful and I know how much work they are! I made one a few years ago.....Your daughter is a lucky girl....