Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Matching Pillow

Dilemma:  how to make a pillow to coordinate with Annabelle's quilt with only the snippets of leftover fabric?  I borrowed the tree from the tutorial by the generous and talented Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew!  I chose to hand-applique it because I need a take-a-long project for my Thanksgiving holiday.  Wouldn't want to suffer sewing withdrawal!  I'm planning to handquilt it--maybe a falling leaf motif?  I'll bind it with the leftover binding from the quilt.  I'm gratified when my save-everything habit pays off!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's NOT 27 years old! Is it??

One of my earliest efforts, from 1982, I made this one for my little son.  He chose the fabrics and pattern.  Such a sweet boy, he is still.  It's all poly/cotton blend fabrics and poly batting--just what was available at the time.  See how it droops?  It is quilted only around the bird and once around the border.  There is no binding.  The front is wrapped to the back and whipped.  I really didn't know what I was doing.  The applique is fairly decent - that I knew how to do.  The parrot has features but they are so off-scale, you have to stand close with a magnifying glass to see them.  I pulled it out to give to him as quilt-storage space is at a premium here now, every square inch.  I'm sure he will be thrilled.  ;0) 

Now I'm wondering if I should try a modern version (I still have the McCall's pattern), just to show myself how far along I've come.  I know I could make it better but doubt if it would be better loved.


For Annabelle's big-girl bed,  it's a very simple combination of four patches and half-square triangles. It seems the simpler designs appeal to me most, especially when I'm using my favorite fabrics and colors.  I used nearly the last scrap of my 30s repros and am hoping to be able to sew a couple of pillow cases to match.  Failing that, a little toss pillow?  I've only ever seen this design in two colors - cheddar and cream - and had no idea how a scrappy version would turn out.  I was surprised and extremely pleased when I saw it "whole" and hanging on the fence.  Annabelle's mom saw this quilt when it was just a top and liked it.  I hope Annabelle will, too, as it's meant to grow up with her.  I'm planning to visit with them for Thanksgiving week so will give it in person.  Always satisfying!

I don't know a traditional name for this design and am hoping one of you quilt historians will!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Can't tell me cats don't wear dresses.  I've known kittens who would not only wear dresses and bonnets, they would lie on their backs in doll carriages!  This is another cute design by De Powell at and I'm just thrilled with it.   I hope three-year-old Elizabeth Katherine likes it as well.

About the quilt she's sitting on:  I made it in the mid-nineties and it's one of the oldest I still own.   It is certainly the softest and wrinkliest.  The fabrics came from all over and haven't faded.  I chose them to look old and faded.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I love stuffing stuff, pillows, pincushions, toys and animals and have been collecting  baubles and beads, buttons and bows and glitter and glitz for years with the intention of becoming really very good at it.  Annie Lou is my first serious effort at dollmaking.  She is nine inches tall and missing her buttons and bows as she is meant as a toy (and hopefully a keepsake!) for baby Annabelle Louise.  The design is by De Powell of .  More adorable dolls there than you ever thought possible.