Saturday, March 27, 2010

Portrait of Bonny, A Little Quilt

My first quilted portrait.   What a lot of fun and a wonderful learning experience!  Bonny is 13 years old now and the black has turned to grey, the caramel faded to tan and she hasn't quite the spring in her step she once had.  But she still follows me around all day, dribbling a tennis ball at my heels or helping in the garden, digging up anything planted, despite the "No Digging" sign.  The most difficult and time-consuming parts were getting a suitable photo and finding suitable fabrics in my stash which leans heavily toward neon brights.  I desaturated the photo to find the shadows.  There weren't many.  Next time, I'll know more about setting up the lighting so there will be more interest in the shadows.  Is this the first of a series?

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  1. love the dog portrait!! I'm about to do a post on portraits, would you mind if I posted this pic with a link to you?