Monday, June 6, 2011

Next Challenge: Out of Africa

I thought I might have to pass on this one.  I've never been to Africa, never felt a particular interest in it, never given it any thought.  Then I remembered that I have read and enjoyed a number of books from the series written by Alexander McCall Smith, set in Botswana.  He portrays the Batswana as peaceful, polite, gentle and perfectly charming. 

I think my little quilt will be all about color.  The national flag is azure (symbolizing water) and black and white (for the zebra).  Hot and hazy desert colors--the Kalahari covers about 70% of Botswana.  And, of course, bright colors of textiles.  I think I would like to create a doll in traditional dress, but I did that for the last challenge. 

See those Botswana diamonds?  They aren't really.  They are swarovski crystals.  I did, however, find a few fine specimens of Botswana agate (found nowhere else in the world) in my gem/mineral collection and hope to work those in somehow.

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